Helping Students Love Learning!

Too many students either hate school, are bored at school, or simply drift through school without learning the skills they need. Most students genuinely want to learn, but discover that schools aren’t set up to help the students most in need. Most teachers genuinely want to teach, but discover that standardized testing and “drill-and-kill” are taking all the fun out of learning.

If Elected to School Board, I Will:

  • Create a culture of compassion at Barbourville City Schools, with individualized attention, extra help, tutoring, and mentorship available to all kids

  • Create a hands-on curriculum that gives students a chance to learn new and exciting things in a fun way

  • Take advantage of the new Every Student Succeeds Act (which allows greater local control over testing standards) to end the overtesting of our kids!

  • END the McDonalds-ization of teachers and teaching

  • Provide more opportunities for local people to volunteer with the school, particularly to help with early-level reading with younger kids

  • Create a long term plan to keep class sizes small at all grade levels

  • Reach out to truant students to boost attendance, identify the causes of truancy, and eliminate those causes

  • Bring in trained therapy dogs and cats to help reduce student stress during exam time