Why Are America’s Schools in Trouble?

America’s public schools are in crisis!

Almost a fifth – 19% – of US high school graduates can’t read, and 25% of high school freshmen are not graduating on time. Meanwhile, with new teaching standards being enacted around the country, half of all teachers feel unprepared to teach America’s neediest students.

Additionally, massive numbers of students think school is plain boring!! A whopping 61% of American teenagers find school mind-blowingly dull. In a world where students can access thousands of pages of information in minutes, our model of schooling is at least 100 years out of date, as standard teaching methods haven’t figured out how to become as interactive as the world we are now living in!!

All of these problems get compounded in East Kentucky – the second poorest congressional district in the country. Poorer schools have less money to spend on the kids who need transformative education the most.


All of these problems have solutions! We could make our schools brilliant, fun, really engaging – a place where students want to go and teachers love to teach.

But if you want to understand how to fix Barbourville’s schools, you have to first understand…Why are America’s schools in trouble?

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