Why America’s Schools Don’t Help the Kids Who Need It Most

It’s bad enough that kids enter school unequal. But the longer kids are in school, the the divide between rich and poor kids gets worse! Why is this happening?

The Hidden Curriculum

How something is taught matters just as much as what gets taught. Most teaching for the past millennium has been in the standard lecture format. But a ton of education research shows that lectures don’t teach kids very well! And the students most likely to benefit from lectures are the students who are already ahead of their peers (and need the least help).

Cookie Cutter Education

American public schools are basically cookie-cutters. Teachers are supposed to teach massively different kids the same material in often the same way. No wonder students get bored!! And instead of finding what motivates each individual kid, the lack of individualized attention means most schools don’t have any way of stopping the train for students falling behind. Thus they fall further behind, year after year…

Not Teaching Creativity

The American economy depends on innovation. But between standardized tests and boring lectures, students aren’t learning how to think! American schools are emphasizing rote memorizing instead of creativity and deep learning. This leaves most students supremely bored – and treating students like cattle or criminals isn’t helping either.

Teacher Training

America has a HUGE teacher-training crisis in this country. America’s teacher training programs aren’t emphasizing the actual subjects teachers need to teach, or teaching how to make education more interesting or hands-on. Instead, teacher training programs typically emphasize “classroom management,” even though standard teaching methods aren’t helping the kids most in need

High Teacher Turnover

Half of all American teachers quit within 5 years!! Why? Because teachers often hate standardized testing as much as their students. And rather than give teachers the training and resources they need to teach effectively, many teachers find themselves being turned into machine parts. They know the school system is failing its own kids – and hence many potentially amazing teachers are quitting the profession in frustration.

If poor school districts had enough money, most of these problems could be fixed. But sadly, many school districts don’t have the money…

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