Kids Enter School Unequal

Consider two children – both equally smart. One grows in in a rich or middle class household. The other grows up in a working class household. Both kids’ parents want to help their children succeed. But the deck is stacked against one them…

The kid from the richer home is more likely to have college-educated parents. The kid from the working class is not.

The kid with wealthier parents is more likely to have parents with the time to help with homework and get involved in school. The working class kid’s parents are more likely to be stuck at lower paying and less flexible jobs. They might not have the time to help their kids with homework or get involved with their kid’s school.

Richer parents can afford more expensive homes in wealthier neighborhoods areas with better-funded schools. Many working class or poor parents can’t afford a computer or Internet, and might live in drug-infested neighborhoods.

Richer parents are better able to afford high quality day care or Pre-K. Working class parents often aren’t.

Richer parents can afford tutors, working class parents often can’t.

Add all this together, and you get a deck where the odds are already stacked against poor kids long before they even enter the classroom. And unfortunately, things rarely improve once the kids start school…

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